Friday, December 9, 2011

Special Moments In Life's Journey to Encapsulate in a DNA2Diamond

Imagine a genuine diamond that is created in a laboratory from a personal source of carbon (hair or ashes) taken from people or pets. The "wow" factor that comes with a DNA2Diamond is incredible, but the emotions that are encapsulated within each diamond are what create the priceless value to each customer.

Here are a few ways that our customers create their diamond.

Celebration (Celebration Diamonds)

Celebration diamonds are given throughout life’s journey for special occasions and events such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary, birth of a child, birthdays, graduation, and more.

  • Engagement /Anniversary ~ His & Her hair combined to create one diamond.
  • First Child/Grandchild ~ Combine family hair to create little girl's first diamond earrings.
  • Family ~ carbon from five generations used to create a diamond to be passed down to future generations. This story was on a show on Investigation Discovery. You could create a DNA2Diamond with as many generations as you would like and it would turn into one of the most memorable keepsake items to be passed down for generations!

Memories (Memory Diamonds or otherwise known as Memorial Diamonds)

When a beloved person or pet passes, the sorrow is overwhelming. As surviving loved ones embark upon life’s journey toward peace and acceptance, they search for the most special way to remember those left behind.

  • Many people have used hair and/or ashes from a departed loved one, holding memories in a personal keepsake that last forever.


Pet owners are having a DNA2Diamond created with a source of pure carbon taken from their pets' hair / fur or ashes. This one-of-a-kind diamond encapsulates a forever bond with their loyal friend. We also are noticing more pet owners honoring their living pets as well.

  • Champion dog and horse show winners create a diamond to honor their special pet.
  • Man's Best Friend passes and ashes are used to create a diamond in that keeps them close forever.

Created from a source of personal carbon, taken from a lock of hair of people and pets, a DNA2Diamond is filled with what matters most: your precious memories.

Instead of commemorating these special events with pictures, plaques or trophies, a one-of-a-kind celebration diamond is the most personal way of remembering, as it actually contains the essence of life! You can create a beautiful diamond anniversary ring, diamond earrings for a newborn, a dazzling diamond pendant for graduation, diamond cuff links for his promotion, and much more.

Video: DNA2Diamond Creation Process

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Monday, November 14, 2011

November E-newsletter Tidbits!


Our November newsletter is out! View our e-newsletter at Below are a few tidbits on what you will find inside!

Smart Holiday Season Shopper!

"Tips from DNA2Diamonds"

The holiday season is here... What happened to fall? Well Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means the chaos of holiday shopping begins! We have a few tips for you.

Make Your Holiday Season Sparkle with Special Offers from DNA2Diamonds

Get a gift this holiday season that will forever capture special moments of life's journey in a diamond that can never be duplicated.

We Love our Pets!

"Our pets are more than just animals, they are our best friends and our family!"

Dog is a man's best friend, but our love for pets goes beyond dogs. People form special bonds with all types a furry little creatures; cats, hamsters, bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, etc... We love our pets, we think they are family. We want to give them the best and more!

Discover things people are doing to show their pets love (common and uncommon) in our blog entry.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Love for Pets Keep Growing, Growing, and Growing…

Dog is a man’s best friend, but our love for pets goes beyond dogs. People form special bonds with all types a furry little creatures; cats, hamsters, bunny rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. Even then, pets don’t stop with our common furry four-legged friends we find in homes across the nation, even the world. Horse lovers take pride in their horses from breed, to training, to lifestyle. We even find people who love the uncommon animals such as snakes, alligators, and other wild animals.

Like every person, all animals have their own unique personality that sets them apart from the rest. Have you ever looked at an owner and their pet and just thought, “they fit together”? When the bond between owner and pet grows you can see how their personalities collide with one another.

We love our pets, we think they are family. We want to give them the best and more! One trend that is common is dressing up our pets. Even though they are covered in fur, not only do we dress them up for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas, but we dress them in rain coats and sweaters. This still may seem bizarre to some pet owners but not to most. By dressing up our furry little friends we are bringing them closer into the family. You can even bake animal friendly treats for them. Have you made your dog a cookie sheet of biscuits yet? There are pet daycares that have activities planned every day. There are pet salons and spas popping up across the nation. Ten years ago this may have been completely over the top, but today it’s a part of life. It’s become a way to bond and treat our pets as a part of our family.

Our pets do crazy things but their owners too are getting into some unconventional methods of showing their love. These unconventional methods will probably become just as common as dressing up our furry friends. They may not become common tomorrow, but in the future they will become more widely used or spoken about.

For starters, social networking sites for your pets. Yes, these do exist and they are out there and being used! Pets on social networking sites isn’t new but it still isn’t as common as taking your pet to a doggie daycare. There are dozens of popular videos featuring pets, social networks aimed exclusively toward pets and popular social networking profiles “owned” by dogs, cats, and other animals. For example; DogBarkz is an online social network that allows dogs to make friends by sniffing, communicate by barking, and be rewarded with treats the more they use the site. Those treats can be used to purchase coupons and other gifts for dogs. You can see a popular list of social networking sites at:

Even here at DNA2Diamonds we have pet owners who want to keep the memory of their pets alive in a DNA2Diamond. Over the past few months we’ve seen the interest rising. Pet owners are having DNA2Diamonds use their pets’ ashes or hair to create a diamond so they can keep them close forever. They encapsulated a one-of-a-kind bond. Now we see more pet owners honoring their living pets as well. A woman with show dogs takes their hair and creates a DNA2Diamond. Champion horses and a family pet, the possibilities and interest are endless.

Is all this happening because as a society, our love for our own pets keep growing, growing, and growing? That could be the case, but more likely it is because people are creating new ways to show their love for their pets. People are looking for ways to exploit their love for an animal that has become a part of the family. These new trends may continue to spark interest in pet owners and become a common theme or “want” for their pets. What have you done for your pet? Is there any way you show your pet love that may be a little over the top or uncommon? We would love to know!

Forever capture special memories of life’s journey!

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Debbie Ogden

Friday, October 21, 2011

2012 Engagement Ring Trends

2012 Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement ring styles have expanded and are more dazzling than before!

Halo Settings

The halo is seen in many forms now! Interest is constantly growing for this ring with a “heavenly” symbol.

Colored Stones and Metals

Fancy colored diamonds are becoming more and more popular. From yellow to blue to red and more, people are getting their main stone a colored diamond to set themselves apart from the classic white diamond. Yellow gold is making a comeback in popularity!

Antique and Vintage Style

Designs based around the Victorian and Edwardian era are flowing popular through the market. Intricate metal work creating mesmerizing bands to increase the dazzle factor.

Twisted Bands and Intricate Settings

The newest bands are being placed in intricate settings or in a twisted band. The center stone will always be the focal point to the eye but the new bands are causing a lot more attractions!

Conflict-Free Diamonds and Recycled Gold

Many people are taking a stand and trying to avoid the “blood diamond” trade (stones that are sold to fund insurgencies or warlords.

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